Struer 2011

Her har vi samlet alle præsentationerne fra Konferencen 2011 i Struer

09.15 ShopProtect, Anti-theft, surveillance and inventory controlPOS in one system
09.40 GERRY WEBER uses RFID to boost efficiencies in logistics and reduce theft in stores
10.15 TEXI Wardrobe Solution – Banking System for clothes for employees
10.45 Danish protein giant chooses RFID for tracking raw materials
10.45 RFID technology 1 – Basic
11.05 RFID technology 2 – An introduction to GS1 EPC standards
11.05 Swedish board of fisheries tracks fish to dish
11.25 Pigtracker Using UHF-RFID for Pig Traceability
11.25 RFID technology 3 – Live demo and real-world considerations
11.30 RFID in Retail – clothes, shoes and accessories
12.00 SOCIAL MEDIA – Connect the Physical and Virtual worlds
12.30 Cost reduction thru traceability on returnable transport items
12.40 Monitoring of temperatures in the supply chain
12.40 RFID technology 4 – Privacy & Security
13.00 Open Minds project
13.00 RFID technology 5 – EPCIS, data capture & integration
13.25 Innovation in construction
13.45 Plastic pallets with embedded RFID deliver visibility and improved ROI
13.50 UHF RFID has reached a tipping point
14.10 Traceability of equipment and returnable assets
14.20 Nordic RFID Center
14.25 From nation wide infrastructure – to golden opportunities
15.10 RFID tags in Euro pallets
15.30 Current status of RFID adoption – and what about the future
15.35 Micro Tracking
16.00 Why and how to automate your production using RFID
16.20 GS1 Smart Centre – Norwegian Competence Centre for effective trading and logistics
16.40 RFID in healthcare